Invest in your future

Mission Statement

Parada Visions is focused on the creation and development of entrepreneurs through the mentorship of a network of NJ Veterans from all types of backgrounds.


Build your community of referrals

Who are you working with?

Have you asked yourself, when was the last time my referral source sent me a lead? if that is in question - guess what, they are not a referral source; hence you are wasting your time.

Many of us put a business plan together projecting the income from sales without the framework of the “How to do it”. Sometimes we assume that clients will come to us if we build the business right, yes this was a Field of Dreams reference. Yet, I guarantee you that success comes from hunting for your business. In addition to that, it also comes from partnerships with the right people. Ask yourself if you are in connection with the right individuals that can help you build your wealth in addition to their own. Sometimes we find ourselves networking a lot with nothing to show for it, all we get out of it is food, drinks and lots of coffee. Teamwork from an entrepreneurs mindset is not all defined by good intentions and a handshake. Teamwork is movement and movement is done by hitting milestones which means that you and your team are getting the job in hand done. With that in mind, How is the movement in your business going? Let’s try something different and build within the trust and loyalty of a veteran community base of business owners and entrepreneurs.